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Leto U Skalických Vinárov 2024
od 3. júna do 1. septembra 2024

A Few Words To Start......

Vinarstvo Strasky, Skalica - How did I get to start a winery? In the beginning I sold wine. I would buy, distribute and sell wines. It took me 20 years before I decided to start my own production. Plus, I was captivated by Skalica and the beautiful environment.

I bought an old, unattended vineyard in the location of Darmovise. It was in the year 2014 and there was a lot of work ahead of me. I introduced grape varieties of Blaufrankisch and Blauer Portugueser. A year later, I established other parts of my vineyard and planted the grapes of Devin and Rheinriesling. The year 2020 brought me to the additional introduction of Chardonnay and Zweigelt varieties.

Along with establishing my vineyard, I built a lovely house with a cosy cellar. The cellar provides pleasant surroundings, and a place to sit down, relax, taste and enjoy the fruit of my own work.

I look forward to your visit to enjoy the tasting of my high quality wine.

Ľubomír Straský